Protecting Your Teeth By Being Proactive

Your teeth are not to be neglected!

Never in the history of dentistry has there been more advances made than now in ways to correct teeth and prevent  gum disease. But no matter how much the field of dentistry has advanced nothing can or will ever replace preventive measure and good old fashioned common sense when it comes to oral care. You can find more important information on this subject at The site talks about not only preventive methods to keep your teeth healthy and looking good even into your golden years but also weighs the pros and cons of professional versus at home methods for keeping teeth looking great.

Your teeth are ask to perform under some pretty demanding conditions on a daily basis. They are ask to crunch, grind, chew and bite their way through the day. Couple this with the fact that they are not always brushed properly or sometimes not at all and you have a recipe for disaster. The amount of pressure exerted on teeth is amazing. To keep them performing at peak performance certain tasks need to be completed on a daily basis. This along with a healthy lifestyle and regular visits to your dentist will ensure that your “chompers” continue to serve you well for years to come. The reverse is also true. Neglecting your teeth sets you up for a lifetime poor health, pain and expensive dental work. The choice is yours. Much of what you are about to read has been drilled into you ( no pun intended) since you were young. Being reminded of these simple truths occasionally may serve to inspire you to take the few minutes a day required to give your teeth the careful attention they so deserve.

· 4 things to keep in mind about brushing teeth

Brushing you teeth after every meal or snack is the way to go but that is often a unrealistic expectation. A minimum of twice daily for 2 minutes is recommended by the American Dental Association Add flossing to your routine after your nightly brushing. It is also a good idea to rinse your mouth out after eating or drinking something (especially sugary drinks). This one simple act of taking care of your teeth is the most important thing you can do. Don’t neglect it.

Flossing the right way is important. You just can’t go through the motions. Many people neglect to floss because it is inconvenient to do. And of those who do floss many are not doing it right. Keep in mind what flossing is meant to accomplish. It’s purpose is to reach those places that your toothbrush cannot get too which is about 20 percent of the tooth area. Don’t skip on the amount of dental floss when performing this task. Using between 18 to 24 inches will ensure you have a adequate amount to work with. The floss needs to be wrapped around your middle and index finger and wrapped around each tooth in a C shape. Work the floss up and down against the side of each tooth moving the floss back and forth in a push pull action. Think you don’t have time to floss? Watch this excellent video on how in 1 minute you can accomplish the proper flossing technique.

Even those who take very good care of their teeth can have issues with the way their teeth look. Foods you eat in addition to beverages such as coffee, tea, soft drinks and even wine can affect the look of your teeth in a negative manner. Some prescription medicines can even affect how your teeth look. When they say a smile is worth a million dollar’s they aren’t kidding. Fair or not first impressions are lasting and yellow dingy discoloured teeth don’t give the first impression you want to convey. And with so many options available for improving the look of your smile there really is no reason to hold off getting a smile you can be proud of. Keep the following in mind when considering any teeth whitening options and you will be fine with whatever decision you make.

You may be tempted to go with a teeth whitening product you can buy at your local store or have shipped from the online giant Amazon. However here is something you should consider. Your mouth is unique and therefore so is the treatment of your teeth. The way your teeth are configured and the size of your mouth will can determine how well your home teeth whitening experience goes. The effectiveness of some of these products have been called into question. In addition you may  have trouble reaching certain areas which could leave you with a smile that looks worse than before. It may be a little more expensive in the long run but a trained dental professional will give you better results that last longer.

·Store bought products for improving your smile have chemicals in them to accomplish the purpose. If you have a sensitive mouth this can irritate your gums and can be quite painful. These types of chemicals should never be applied to dental work as they can damage crowns veneers and implants. Your dentist will be able to protect these sensitive areas and fix any problems that he or she sees.

Remember earlier in this article how I mentioned your mouth is unique. By having your teeth whitening procedure done professionally you ensure that you will have a custom fit mold that fits your mouth perfectly and does the best job possible. Your dentist also has options that are not available to you such as a halogen or LED  light system that can speed up the process and have you walking out the door with teeth that are already a couple of shades whiter.

One last thing you may want to consider visiting with your dentist about is bad breath. This can also be a turnoff to others. Your dentist can help diagnose this problem and offer solutions that work. While a simple remedy to bad breath may be avoiding certain foods such as garlic or onions which is not necessarily good as these are part of a good mix when it comes to eating healthy or avoiding or reducing your alcohol consumption  which may be beneficial in terms of your overall health there can be other issues at hand such as halitosis. This can be caused by more serious conditions or certain medications. Your dentist can work with you to find the halitosis treatment and eliminate your bad breath.

In the end working with a dentist you trust is your best option when it comes to protecting oral health and giving your smile the nicest appearance possible. There is so much information available online such as Angie’s list and you should have no trouble  finding a health care professional that will give you the best possible results. Good luck in your oral and overall health and remember don’t forget to show off that dazzling  smile!




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